Beauty in your Identity

December last year and February this year I had the privilege of speaking at a career day event and a special event organized by two prominent schools in the city of Sharjah and Dubai. I was invited to speak on the topic of ‘Identity and discovering what you are called to do in Life’.  ‘

A sense of shame and self-loathing towards ones own body is a huge phenomenon prevalent especially among teenagers and young adults. This resonated with me to an extent because as a teenager I remember spending countless hours in front of the mirror trying to change my color or looking for ways to change my nose to be more appealing and beautiful. It stemmed from an urge to feel more admired and adored.  It lasted only for a very short span of time. Those thoughts have become a distant memory from the past and I can say boldly that today I stand as a confident woman who believes I am created beautifully. I come from a home where I was affirmed, appreciated and shown much love. This has also played a significant role in enabling me to think and see clearly beyond beauty that is skin deep. But this ‘Identity issue’ is a common culture and typical teenage angst that chokes and bottles up young minds. Today more than ever there is a prevalent cultural bias towards perfect bodies and perfect faces. This is as a result of social media, magazines and television promoting the same.  We cannot stop the media from objectifying women but we can stop ourselves from wanting to look like every top model and actress we see. I am not against cosmetics or beauty routines. On the contrary I love fashion and make up. . With the right technique and application of make-up you can enhance your beauty and express your unique style. What I do not agree with is the idea of living in a false world where women are afraid to age gracefully. A growing number of women are pressured to physically Photoshop themselves to feel accepted.  My message to you is do not let your self-esteem and your wellness be determined by the media or the cover pages. Striving and struggling to be like anyone else is a waste of time and a waste of the person you are.

Take a deep breath; learn to appreciate the beauty that is bestowed on you. You are uniquely beautiful just the way you are. You are original, a copyrighted edition and a masterpiece created by a master craftsman. You have a unique purpose for which you are created. Embark on a journey to discover this purpose and become the person you were created to be. When you learn to embrace your creator and your uniqueness, you have given yourself a chance to discover your purpose in life. Grow in love with the one who created you and grown in love with the BEAUTIFUL YOU!





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Chronicles from C2B PotLuck Event, March 1st 2014.

A Potluck for future mom’s to be, mommies and children took place on March 1st 2014. A group of 12 women gathered around the table enjoying healthy snacks and indulgent treats contributed by the group. The women shared their real life stories and listened while others shared theirs, communicating with one another on a heart level. Our bunch of enthusiastic kids had a blast creating memorable experiences and making new friends. We look forward to welcoming new moms and children at our next event.

potluck eventchildren


Diamonds in the Rough

Through my blog I want to be a voice to those individuals and organizations that are not ordinarily heard in mainstream media, but who are committed to being a voice to those who are the most marginalized in our society, those who have no power to change their circumstances. Ron and Joanna Domingo (who we have had the incredible privilege to befriend) is one such couple involved in an incredible work in a region called Tondo in the Philippines.

Ron and Joanna went to the Philippines with the intention of living there for a few months before they headed back home to Scotland. However life took a different turn! Today they along with their 2 babies and a team of volunteers serve a community in Tondo, well known for being one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Tondo is notorious for being the poorest and most underdeveloped district in the country. Many of the city’s slums are found in this area. However Ron and Joanna choose not to echo these words over the area, rather to speak hope and to see a future for the people in this area. They established the Kalayaan Community Ministries, which works among the people in the dumpsite to restore their dignity and to give them a future.

They serve in conditions where it is a regular sight to spot children salvage half eaten food from overflowing garbage bins. The stench from rotting, unsegregated and fermenting rubbish is what surrounds the air. The dumpsite is infested with toxic waste and contaminated water. For them it is not about making it to the list of the biggest charities or to attract media attention to their work, rather it is about being faithful to serve the people and community that their heart goes out to. They consider it an honor to have a chance to alleviate suffering and to touch and change lives for the better. It is their life’s mission to see justice established where injustice cripples through poverty. Their Dumpsite project works faithfully to improving living standards and providing access to basic needs such as food, shelter and basic health care.

KCM dumpsite kids

KCM has designed and implemented different programs with the objective of ameliorating social problems such as poverty, homelessness and hunger. They have developed a sustainable feeding program called  ‘Food For School/Packed Lunch Program’. This is a feeding program designed specifically for children and young people struggling to stay in school because their families cannot afford to buy them lunch. It involves providing 100 packed lunches on a daily basis.

KCM has also designed an effective program that works towards improving health, hygiene and well being of the people. This venture is called ‘Daily Wound care program’. Every day around the dumpsite area there are children who get wounds on their feet from walking on glass and other sharp objects hidden in the garbage. Their hands are at times wounded from working on glass or playing in it. They get wounds on their heads from cuts or insect bites that get infected from the dirt and intense heat. This program cares for the wounded and brings healing to their body and soul.

Today a significant number of individuals in Tondo area has benefited from all of the above-mentioned programs and many other programs they run. KCM has given the little hearts in this region an opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society. They are constantly bombarded with a flock of hurting, hungry, homeless children. The harsh reality is that they cannot always meet the needs due to financial constraints.

Every child deserves a chance to survive and thrive. I believe each of us have in us the ability to create a positive influence that can change a person’s life. You can make a difference by spreading the word, volunteer participation, donating or by simply saying a word of prayer. Choose to make a difference in a child’s life. As you change their world, you change your’s in the process.


KCM is a non-profit organization that functions solely through donations. The CEO does not take a salary and they work with minimal administrative cost. KCM is committed to being good stewards of the funds entrusted to them and they have set up an online transparency page where everyone who donates is added and can view incoming funds and what the purpose of these funds are for. If you are interested in learning more about what Klayaan community ministries are doing or you feel lead to donate, you could contact them at You could catch their updates through their Facebook page


Register for C2B PotLuck Get-together on March 01, 2014

Calling all moms to be and moms in Dubai with children (Babies to teenagers) who are interested in stepping out with your kids for some fun time. Here is an opportunity to socialize and make lifelong friendships for yourself and your children. We are a group of moms who get together  with our children once a month for a coffee morning, play-date or  just a casual hangout where we have some great conversations. This month we invite you to join us in a PotLuck Get-togethere, details of which are given below. Kindly register if interested. The best is FREE!!

Looking forward to meeting all you Mommies and Kiddos!


Here’s to the New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish all my readers a New Year filled with good health, new opportunities, much happiness and prosperity.  I just got back from an amazing vacation with my family. As I planned for this trip paying much attention to the smallest details, there was one thing that I kept reminding myself of and eventually tossed it to the back burner. This is about my decision to write a few posts in advance, which never happened due to my busy schedule. However after all the responses I got in my mail enquiring when to expect the next post and some asking if I abandoned the blog, I wish I were more organized with writing in advance. So here is a formal apology for not keeping up.

When I started writing I was not sure if I would have 10 readers to my credit. In an era where intelligent reading material is readily available, I asked myself if I was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt if this is something that I should be investing my precious time into. With much careful consideration I moved forward with conviction. I have been blogging for 4 months and in this short period I am so overwhelmed and encouraged to notice the incremental readers on my stat page. Days after the blogs inception, as the numbers hit the 1000 mark and constantly grew I was surprised more than I was excited, to learn that a community was waiting to exist. This blog was not initiated with a motive for monitory gain or for self-promotion. This was birthed out of a dream to inspire and influence women in all walks of  life.  I am no expert in counseling and i am no life coach; I share my learnings from my every day experiences and experiences of people close to my heart  with the hope to bless. My take on life is not just to exist but rather to be purposeful, to thrive and to influence.

It has been truly rewarding to see the ‘Cocoon to Butterfly Mother and Child Community’ grow along side the blog. One of the most memorable moments from last year has been when a reader showed up to one of the C2B coffee mornings and introduced herself to me and said she loves to read what i write, follows the blog and wishes to be part of the group. Ever since that day we have grown as friends and she continues to be one of my biggest supporters. Another highlight of the past year was when i was invited  by a prominent school in UAE to address students on making the right choices in deciding their careers. As I travel and receive positive feedback, meet new readers and read responses from people of how this blog has impacted their life, I am so humbled and left thinking that someone as special as this actually reads my blog. I do not own any of this to take any glory. This was a dream deposited by my Creator above, He is the owner and He is the driving force. This has been my first attempt at writing and i am constantly making mistakes and learning as i go along. As i begin my journey in this New Year I would like to thank each one of my readers for entrusting me with that bit of your time, in your life. I appreciate the encouragement you give me through every like and  comment you  put up on the blog, the calls you make, the mails you send and the kind words you shower as compliments. This platform has taught me valuable lessons, given me a new purpose and is blooming to become something much larger that I could have ever imagined. I will not disclose much but leave you with a promise that there is much to look forward to here, in this New Year. Cheers to a brighter 2014 and a fruitful year of new beginnings to one and all!


‘Tis the Season

Christmas markets are a great way to experience the flavor of Christmas . We love them for their delectable gourmet food, festive music, creative art, hand made crafts and the enchanting experience they offer. If you wish to experience something unique in the city of Dubai this Christmas, then pay a visit to the HTC Family corner at the Christmas market in Arabian Ranches Golf club on December 14, 2013. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the stall’s offerings.

Christmas Market in Dubai - Dec 14 - Arabian Ranches


Coffee Morning Chronicles

A coffee morning for moms and moms to be took place on the 30th of November  2013 at ‘Caboodle’ in Dubai Mall. It was an enjoyable couple of hours with women savouring a cuppa and some heart-warming conversations. coffee morningThe purpose of C2B events is to foster socialization and a support system for both mothers and children. We look forward to meeting and welcoming mothers to be, mothers and their children for our next event.


Celebrate each child-Every child is special, unique and extraordinary

I come from a home where ‘ I ‘ was celebrated, ‘I’ was made to feel important and ‘I’ was special. I had a wonderful childhood not because of the things I had but because of the way I was made to feel.

God created each child to be a wonderful unique individual. My oldest is spirited and he loves all the attention he could possibly have. He loves to play with automobiles and planes. My second is calm (now moving on from there) and independent. He loves to play with pots and pans. My third is a mix of both. What motivates one child does not motivate the other. Each of my peas is so different although they are from the same pod. They are uniquely different in their personalities, interests, strengths and capabilities.

As for me I wish every little boy were calm and easy to parent. I wish every little boy would play with automobiles and planes. However I have learned that there is absolutely no value in comparing our children to the other. As parents my husband and I are constantly reminding each other to be conscious not to exercise favoritism. As parents we have realized that each of our 3 children possess different strengths and require unique support to meet their individual needs. It is up to us as parents to be involved with our children, to observe their gifts and to help nourish them. I am reminded of the famous verse “Children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior”. We have to be mindful to raise our children not as objects that we control rather to raise them as powerful tools that we can release for a greater purpose.

Every child is a perfect reflection of God’s magnificent diversity. Lets celebrate each of them for who they are and who they were created to be. Every child is special, every child is unique, and every child is extra-ordinary!





Up coming event

Upcoming event for November : Mommies coffee morning and children’s play date . Check out the events section for more details.


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